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Best and Cheap PHProjekt Hosting PHProjekt is a free groupware and project management web application written in PHP. It was created in the late 1990s by Albrecht Günther; since early 2006, Mayflower GmbH develops and supports PHProjekt along with Günther. PHProjekt is the only Free software project management software included in the SimpleScripts script installer,[…]

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Best and Cheap PhpDig Hosting PhpDig is a web spider and search engine written in PHP, using a MySQL database and flat file support. PhpDig builds a glossary with words found in indexed pages. On a search query, it displays a result page containing the search keys, ranked by occurrence. To choose hosting provider that[…]

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Best and Cheap OrangeHRM Hosting The OrangeHRM Open Source system has an array of modules, all in one application that fulfills your main HR requirements. You can download the OrangeHRM application from their website and start using it with absolutely no cost or limitations. To choose hosting provider that support OrangeHRM is not easy task.[…]

Are You Looking for Best and Cheap Kajona Hosting?

Best and Cheap Kajona Hosting Kajona is a content management framework based on PHP5 and published as an open source project under the LGPL license. Due to the modular design the system can be extended and adapted individually quite quick and easy. With a multiplicity of modules such as news, downloads, picture galleries or an[…]

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Best and Cheap HostCMS Hosting HostCMS is a convenient, fast and modern content management system, allowing you to create websites of any complexity. Working with the engine site is very simple, the adjustment of site content is made using an intuitive interface. HostCMS, unlike most management systems, designed to simplify the daily work with the[…]

Who is Best and Cheap Elgg Hosting in Experts Opinion?

Best and Cheap elgg Hosting Elgg is an award-winning open source social networking engine that provides a robust framework on which to build all kinds of social environments, from a campus wide social network for your university, school or college or an internal collaborative platform for your organization through to a brand-building communications tool for[…]

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Best and Cheap EasyGallery Hosting EasyGallery is a smart and simple way to present photos on your own website without a complex installation or administration. Just upload and everything is there. If your images contain geolocations, they are displayed as a route on google maps. EasyGallery is a single-page app using the fancybox jquery plugin,[…]

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Best and Cheap CSLH Hosting Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) is an open source live support solution that helps customer support with live help functionality that can be proactively pushed to visitors to your site or requested by the consumer. Crafty Syntax includes a large range of features to allow multiple operators, multiple departments and[…]

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Best and Cheap Collabtive Hosting Collabtive provides a web based platform to bring the project management process and documentation online. Collabtive is an open source solution with features and functionality similar to proprietary software such as BaseCamp. In an effort to bring an effective project management tool to users, offers Collabtive for download and[…]

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Best and Cheap B2evolution Hosting b2evolution is a content and community management system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. It is distributed as free software under the GNU General Public License. b2evolution can work with contents of different types: simple web pages, blog posts, photos, videos, downloadable files (PDF, ZIP…), manuals, forums,[…]