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The Best WordPress SEO Plugin to Increase Your Website Traffic

Do you want to increase your website traffic? After you’ve installed WordPress and covered the basics of improving WordPress for SEO and the user experience, it’s time to go a bit deeper. Many great plugins are available to help your WordPress site when it comes to SEO, usability, and conversion. Here are some great plugins – most of which are available for free.

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Best SEO Plugin for WordPress Blogs

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

If you are using ALL in one SEO plugin, it’s time to ditch it and migrate to Yoast WordPress SEO plugins. This plugin integrates feature from some of the popular plugin like Robots meta, RSS footer. You can download this plugin for free from WordPress.

Simple URLs

This plugin is great. You can track outbound links and control them completely right within the WordPress backend. If you add Disallow: /go/ into your robots.txt file it will also stop any authority from passing through the link itself.

You can use this plugin to keep track of these outbound links. For example, if you have affiliate links on your site, you can calculate a conversion rate from knowing the number of clicks to the number of people who purchase something via the affiliate link.

Broken Link Checker

Broken link checker plugin is very useful plugin to find all internal and external broken links (404 links). 404 links are nothing but a dead end for search engine spiders and it’s highly advisable to remove such links. Thought this plugin have some issues with blog with lots of blog posts. Probably this might freeze your hosting for a while. We would suggest to run this plugin on low traffic day and in case if you have a blog like min, with more than 1000+ posts, use some online websites to find 404 links on your blog.

W3 Total Cache

While we’re on the subject of performance, W3 Total Cache is the most powerful and comprehensive caching plugin available. This plugin handles everything from combine and magnification for both CSS and JS to HTML line break and comment removal, disk caching, browser caching and more.

It’s useful to test any settings out to ensure that there are no issues once enabled and deployed but most of the time W3 plays ball with your WordPress installation.


SEOPressor is all in one and truly the most powerful wordpress SEO plugin ever built. It has power to manage all your pages, posts, custom post formats or in simple terms your complete website.

This plugin also helps to make your site more social friendly by adding Facebook open graph and twitter meta data tags. It has inbuilt support for rich snippet which means now you can write unlimited review and they will be made compatible automatically.

WP Social

This plugin is all about making your website social friendly. We all know that Google has been considering social signals to rank webpages on SERP. And so we should take every steps whither small or big to make our site more user and social friendly. Few of the important things are adding social media sharing buttons, using Facebook open graph tag, adding twitter meta data, using Google authorship and finally adding microdata.

Google Sitemap

A powerful yet easy to use plugin from bestwebsoft. It allows you to easily create and submit your sitemaps to Google webmaster and bing webmaster tool. It even generates the .gzip file which Google usually use and consider.

Web Hosting Affect SEO

Which company you choose to host your website with does have an affect on where your website ranks in search engines. Choosing the right web hosting company does not guarantee a rankings boost, but it does mean you avoid the consequences, and they can be significant ones, of choosing the wrong host. Therefore, you need to choose carefully and not base your decision on price alone. ASPHostPortal is the best Windows ASP.NET and WordPress web hosting provider that offers low cost. They brave to give uptime guarantee, because their server always uptime and has stable speed too. So, those are some reason why you should try their service.