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About Silverlight 6

Microsoft Silverlight is the best choice for creating interactive and engaging business applications for the web and mobile. It is a cross- browser, cross-platform implementation of the.NET Framework for building media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIA) for the web. As a cross-browser, it runs on all popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera etc.


Some of the best features of Siverlight are:

  • Siverlight offers IIS Smooth Streaming and an IIS7 Media Services 3.0 extension that enables adaptive streaming of live and on-demand media via standard HTTP protocols. As a result, the video quality can be scaled for everything from mobile devices to desktop browsers to 720p HDTV video modes.
  • Silverlight also includes a version of the.NET Framework. With the full Common Language Runtime as.NET Framework 3.0 it can execute any.NET language including VB.NET and C# code.
  • The framework also provides a managed HTML DOM API that enables developers to program the HTML of a browser using any.NET language.
  • With its Raw AV pipeline, Silverlight easily supports a wide variety of third-party codecs for both audio and video.
  • Silverlight has over 60 high-quality, fully skinnable and customizable out-of-the-box controls such as charting and media, new layout containers such as dock and viewbox, and controls such as autocomplete, treeview and datagrid.
  • The framework offers exciting graphics such as drag, turn, and zoom that users can manipulate directly in the browser.
  • Silverlight’s PivotViewer can handle and display large amounts of data at a given instance, the end-user can now easily search the information from the source collection.
  • Siverlight has a Variable Speed Playback that allows videos to be played at different speeds and supports fast-forward and rewind.
  • Developers and designers can apply content to a 3D plane, where it can rotate or scale live content without writing any additional code.

Cheap and Trusted Silverlight 6 Hosting

There are a lot of factors that would determine the quality of service of Silverlight 6 hosting provider. If you are having a hard time in choosing a Silverlight 6 hosting provider, it is highly recommended that you choose company that possesses the qualities of a dependable Silverlight 6 hosting provider. To avoid you choose wrong Silverlight 6 hosting provider, we have reviewed 105+ Silverlight 6 hosting provider to bring you Cheap and Recommended Silverlight 6 hosting provider. So here is Cheap and Recommended Silverlight 6 Hosting Provider that we recommend for you :

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Dual Quad Core$7/mo
8 GB RAM or higher
3 GB Disk Space
30 GB Bandwidth
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More Details – Cheap and Trusted Silverlight 6 Hosting can be a hosting provider that makes offered many different hosting services. Established in 2008, it can be a well-known, high quality, hosting provider. One of the issues that make appealing is their value plans. They are inexpensive and offer quite a great deal of bandwidth and storage space for the price. They also come with the alternative of providing a builder for you internet site; for those new to building a site this is really a welcome choice. While the value plans don’t come with some alternatives essential for advanced users, any user must examine in detail specifically what is on give and how this matches their requirements.


User Review of Hosting :

The most amazing feature of this Hosting site is the website builder. The website builder program of this very Hosting is considered to be easy in usage and may web design companies use this software. If you are in search of such affordable web host software, then Hosting is one of the best choices to go for.

Windows and ASP.NET are the main operating systems on which the network of Web Hosting is based. But they also good with Linux opertaing system. Its network is being monitored for every twenty four hours such that no odd things could happen and also its performance keeps going on and on. This enables Hosting to deal with the short term issues or problems and allows its system to grow optimally and always keep broadband ready and economical.

Most of the packages of this web hosting have been upgraded freshly to be able to include more of space, email, and bandwidth. The packages offered by Hosting starts with a simple personal plan and keep on augmenting in bandwidth, space and email according to the server systems. – Reliable and Cheap Silverlight 6 Hosting hosting is a company that has won many awards for the variety of online services offered by them for the customers. It was established in 2009, but gained rapid publicity and progressed quickly because of the expert web solution they provide.


Apart from providing hosting services, also provides server hosting solutions which may de dedicated, and also provide easy management of website for the business that can hire a company for their web solutions.

There are four types of services provided by, i.e. classic, budget, economy, and business. The classic package starts from €3 per month that includes unlimited disk space with also unlimited data transfer facility. – Powerful and Affordable Silverlight 6 Hosting Service has become immensely popular because they are easy to use. There is a guide with every service that can assist in any problem while creating website or email account. has also provided with customer ticket support and email here people can easily reach with their problems and get quick solutions. services are constantly updated with the latest features and services.

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Beginning up is no issue. They’ll usually send you a series of emails consultation. Within a few minutes of placing an order, you must be prepared to begin. One factor that stands out with will be the beneficial nature of their welcome emails. They include all of the info you could need to have to obtain started. Most customers appear to be satisfied with the process.

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