Don’t Pick Up Wrong ASP.NET Hosting Provider!

It is very important to find good hosting provider to our site. It plays important role for your online business. There are many websites that depends on their web hosting provider. Just imagine if you get unprofessional web hosting services, it will ruin your whole work in just a minute. Please make sure you make the right decision for your business.

We believe that sometimes it is quite hard to find hosting provider that provide reliable services with an affordable price. In this article, we will share some few tips how to choose hosting provider


Check Their Reviews

How to check it? This is very simple, you just need to type on google, for example “XXX ASP.NET hosting reviews”. Then, you can find the reviews about this hosting provider. You will see some experience from users about their service.

How Long They are in Business

This is one of the most important thing when choosing hosting provider. The good hosting provider must run their business for more than 5 years. With many experiences in hosting business, it will increase your trust with them. Don’t trap with their low price or FREE service! This is more important to check how long they have been in hosting business.

Supported Technology

Make sure that the hosting provider that you want to register support all technologies that you need. The good hosting provider will keep an update their technology, they must support the latest technology that Microsoft offer.

Technical Support

You can check whether they have 24 hours support. So when you have problem/issue, they will help you no matter it is on middle of the night, their support will help you as soon as possible.


Good hosting provider will make daily backup everyday. If your files broken or disappeared, then they can recover your files. So, you don’t need to worry if you loss your files, the hosting provider will provide the backup for you

The last is Money Back Guarantee

Normally, hosting provider will provide 30 days money back guarantee. So, if you feel you don’t like their service or you don’t satisfy with their service, then you can claim for 30 days money back guarantee. One of the best hosting provider that offer money back guarantee is ASPHostPortal.

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