Cheap ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting in India | Vs Quick2Host VS Quick2Host VS Quick2Host |Whether you’re setting up an individual ASP.NET site or a business one, you ought to pick your ASP.NET hosting supplier shrewdly. The reason is that you will most certainly need your ASP.NET site to be seen by the biggest number of individuals. To do that it is basic to require a little investment to go over certain fundamental yet imperative elements that will guarantee more perceivability for your site.


There are such a variety of ASP.NET hosting suppliers and bundles on offer today. Every one of them have their own one of a kind points of interest and shortcomings. So how might one choose which one to pick?

This time we would like to work out a comprehensive comparison of this web hosts to figure out whether really have strengths to win Quick2Host for a long term. After testing their hosting plans, we compare with Quick2Host from several aspects like speed, uptime, price, and features.

ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting – Speed Comparison

Google has declared that sites that take too long to load will be pushed further and additionally down the search comes about. Google is a business and the general population who search it ordinary including you, are it’s clients.

In the event that a site loads too gradually the searcher will tap on another outcome and leave the site. This makes this moderate loading site less engaging the search engine and won’t give it a high search result.

So, to avoid you choose slow hosting provider, we have compared the speed between and Quick2Host. Speed


Quick2Host Speed



ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting – Uptime Comparison

We have compared and Quick2Host with useful tools from Based on the result from that tools, just tooks 0.2 s from Hong Kong, 1.4 s from Tokyo, 1.4 s from New Delhi and 0.8 s from Seoul.

While Quick2Host tooks 1.0 s from Hong Kong, 0.7 s from Tokyo, 0.4 s from New Delhi and 1.9 s from Seoul. From this result, we have concluded that faster than Quick2Host and is the right choice ASP.NET Hosting Provider for you who life in Asia. Uptime


Quick2Host Uptime


ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting – Price and Features Comparison and Quick2Host support Windows and Linux hosting platform. They have many features, good technical support, fast customer service, and good reputation. Below here, you can see their hosting plan and features comparison that we made based on the information from their website.


3 GB Disk SpaceINR 200/moINR 200/mo
30 GB Bandwidth
2 MSSQL db
2 MySQL db
8 GB RAM or higher
Host unlimited Sites
Quick2Host1 GB Disk SpaceINR 750/moINR 750/mo
10 GB Bandwidth
1 MSSQL db
1 MySQL db
Unknown RAM size
Host 1 Site


From above comparison result, we conclude that is better ASP.NET Hosting Provider than Quick2Host. From Speed, Uptime, Price, and Features, get better value. If you want to check more details about them or prove this comparison, you can visit their website and compare their speed with