Powerful Trick to Find Best and Cheap Classic ASP Hosting With ASPUpload Recommendation

Best and Cheap Classic ASP Hosting With ASPUpload Recommendation

What is ASPUpload?

AspUpload® is a server component that allows your web application to capture files uploaded with a browser in as little as 2 lines of ASP script. With AspUpload, files up to 4 GB can be uploaded while only consuming a tiny amount of RAM on the server. The files can be uploaded to disk, memory or the database of your choice. The user can monitor upload progress and time-remaining information via a built-in HTML-based progress bar.

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AspUpload’s remarkable robustness and extensive feature set has made it the upload solution of choice for tens of thousands of web sites around the world.

How to Uploading Files Using ASPUpload?

When uploading files using ASPUpload, you will need to use the following techniques on a SuperAccount web server.  Because of permissions, you will use the LogonUser Method to authenticate and the SaveVirtual, CopyVirtual commands to perform the file upload.

Putting it Together

The following HTML would be in your web page that prompts the user for the file they want to upload.


<FORM METHOD="POST" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" ACTION="UploadScript.asp">

When the user selects a file and presses the “Upload!” button on this web page, it will call (in this example) the uploadscript.asp ASP page.  The Example is below:


Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload.1")
Upload.logonuser "", "username", "password"

Count = Upload.SaveVirtual ("/test")

For Each File in Upload.Files
    File.CopyVirtual "/upload/" & File.ExtractFileName
    File.Delete ' delete from upload directory
<% = Count %> files uploaded.

Changes to this file are as follows:

1) The line of code that performs the logonuser method, replace with your account username and password
Upload.logonuser “”, “username”, “password”

2) The SaveVirtual Method is needed to save the file to the server in a temporary directory
Upload.SaveVirtual (“/test”)

3) The CopyVirtual Method is needed to copy the file to your upload directory.  The upload directory can be any valid directory you have created.
File.CopyVirtual “/upload/” & File.Name

Best and Cheap Classic ASP Hosting With ASPUpload Recommendation

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