Deeply Review to Find Best and Cheap ASP.NET 4.0 Hosting Recommendation

Best and Cheap ASP.NET 4.0 Hosting Recommendation Review 2014

The .NET Framework version 4.0 includes enhancements for ASP.NET 4.0 in targeted areas. Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express also include enhancements and new features for improved Web development. ASP.NET 4.0 introduces many features that improve core ASP.NET services such as output caching and session state storage. Now in this review, we will explain about ASP.NET 4.0 and our best and cheap ASP.NET 4.0 hosting recommendation.


How to choose the best and cheap ASP.NET 4.0 hosting? Choosing the best and cheap ASP.NET 4.0 hosting is not a simple task especially with low price offers. You need to take a large number of factors into consideration, including the ASP.NET 4.0 compatibility, usability, features, speed, reliability, price, company reputation, etc. Therefore, we have established this ASP.NET 4.0 review site, which is designed to help you find the best and cheap ASP.NET 4.0 hosting within minutes, based on our specialized editors’ ASP.NET 4.0 hosting experience and real customers’ feedback.

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ASP.NET 4.0 Features

The focus of Microsoft’s latest ASP.NET 4.0 has mainly been on improving the performance and Search-engine Optimization (SEO). There are the most important features in ASP.NET 4.0.

Output Cache extensibility

Output caching, or Page-Level Caching, caches the entire rendered markup of an ASP.NET web page for a specific time-period. This has always been one of the essential features for ASP.NET that is used extensively to increase application performance.

Session State compression

The ASP.NET session state is a mechanism to maintain session-specific data through subsequent requests. In some instances, you may wish to store your session state data in a session-state server or in Microsoft SQL server.

View State mode for Individual Controls

View state is a mechanism to maintain page controls’ state on subsequent post backs. ASP.NET stores the view state data for controls that are in the page, even if it’s not necessary. Since the view state data is stored in the pages’ html, the size of the request object will be increased, and make performance worse. Ease the latency of the application.

Page.MetaKeywords and Page.MetaDescription properties

To increase the relevance of pages in searches, developers should include relevant “keyword” and “description” meta tags in the html <head> section.

Response.RedirectPermanent Method

ASP.NET 4.0 has improved SEO (Search-engine Optimization) facilities. Typically developers use Response.Redirect(string url) to handle requests for old URLs.

Routing in ASP.NET

Routing will let developers serve meaningful URLs to users and map them with the actual physical files. This URL-rewriting mechanism enables developers to write high ranking, search-engine optimized web applications.

Increase the URL character length

In previous versions of ASP.NET, URLs were limited to 260 characters in length. But in ASP.NET 4.0 developers have the option of increasing or decreasing the length of URLs by using the new maxRequestPathLength and maxQueryStringLength.

New syntax for Html Encode

Html Encode method encodes a particular string to be displayed in a browser. It is important to encode strings prior it’s rendering in the page, mainly to avoid cross-site script injection (XSS) and HTML injection attacks. However, developers so often forget to call the encode function.

Predictable Client IDs

ASP.NET 4.0 now supports a new ClientIDMode property for server control. This property indicates how the Client ID should be generated to a particular control when they render.

Web.config refactoring

Over the past few years web.config file has grown significantly as ASP.NET has used it for more and more features such as routing, Ajax, IIS 7 and version compatibility.

Auto-Start ASP.NET Applications

Most application requires initial data load or caching operations to be done before serving the client requests. Typical this happens only when the first user request a page.

Improvements on Microsoft Ajax Library

Microsoft Ajax library is client side library which includes high performance server –based user controls and asynchronous page rendering controls.