Best ASP.NET Hosting with DNS Failover System

What is DNS Failover System?

The DNS failover system ensures your public-facing servers and applications are always available. This system monitors your mission critical servers from multiple geographically dispersed nodes. You specify how many nodes must agree that your server is unavailable, and this system will automatically change your DNS records to reroute traffic to pre-defined servers, eliminating downtime for your customers. This unique methodology ensures that your servers are always available, 100% of the time.


Uptime and Downtime is one of the key issues that many website owners face. If you’re thinking to setup a mission critical website or an e-commerce site, then uptime and downtime is the thing you should consider while looking for a web host. Finding an ASP.NET hosting provider that can give 100% uptime is not easy nor is it cheap. DNS Failover system can give a 100 % uptime guarantee for your website. But not much provider can give DNS Failover service, because it needs many data centers in many cities or countries to back up your data. As that reason, we have searched, analyzed, and finally we found the Best ASP.NET Hosting Provider that can give Best DNS Failover System for you.

Best ASP.NET Hosting with DNS Failover System is one among the first web site in core companies and hosting on the Net. They provide a set out of services specified as ASP.NET hosting, Linux hosting, reseller hosting, and services in e-mail. They too provide business resolutions specified as explicit e-mail marketing, DNS Failover system, customer relationship management applications, and search engine profile. is the best ASP.NET hosting provider in providing DNS Failover system. They have many data centers in 12 different cities that can provide you DNS Failover sistem with 100% uptime guarantee. If you are an Internet starter or a Net marketing master, they have a copiousness of answers to fulfill your demands. To view more details about their DNS Failover plan, you can click below image

dns-failover-1 is very easy to use. The data file administrator, web page administrator and data source administrator are all fantastic. On the internet data file supervisors are hardly ever so versatile. It does not do everything, but it is eye-catching to the eye and outfitted with more than the standard range of functions. Note that some things need installation time. If you wish to create a new data source, for example, there is a wait that can take up to 24 hours. is a suitable competition in the web host market, especially given the tremendous popularity it has handled to build within the last few years. The assistance provides all the requirements such as website generation resources, hosting server accessibility and protected features that house their data hosts. The installation process is uncomplicated, and this web host assistance has an option for all levels of management, from starter to expert. web host shows to be an efficient and versatile host company.

How ASPHostPortal DNS Failover Works?

with ASPHostPortal DNS Failover solutions, your site will be 100% uptime. This solution can guarantee that as soon as your website, service, or internet connection is offline, all your traffic will be automatically pointed over to a secondary IP address or server you have set up at another location.


In simple words, ASPHostPortal DNS Failover works like above picture. They will monitor nodes to ensure your primary IP is responding every 2 to 4 minutes. If your Primary IP fails to respond, your traffic will automatically be moved to your backup IP on another server. When your primary IP is up again, your traffic will automatically back to your Primary IP again.

This system will work because has many data centers and all their servers are powerful and has premium hardware that can store and run your website very smoothly.