Your Virto Commerce is Slow? This Best and Cheap Virto Commerce Hosting is Right for You

Best and Cheap Virto Commerce Hosting Recommendation Review 2014

Virto Commerce is a highly scalable eCommerce product for fast growing and large companies. It provides powerful enterprise-class features right out of box and gives you the flexibility to create your own unique eCommerce solution. Multiple store management, advanced promotion engines, dynamic content, as well as advanced product and price management are just a few of the tools you will receive with Virto Commerce. With the ability of full customization, you’ll be able to achieve your unique business needs, convert browsers to buyers and increase online revenue! In this post, we will make Virto Commerce hosting review and our best and cheap Virto Commerce Hosting Recommendation.

Best and Cheap Virto Commerce Hosting Recommendation

Do you interest to make an online store with Virto Commerce? So, you should find the best and cheap web host provider for your Virto Commerce site. Choosing the best and cheap web host for Virto Commerce is not a simple task especially with low price offers. One of the key factors that are to be considered during this time is the uptime of the site which is being granted by the company. Going for a company that provides a 99.9% of uptime is the right option available. This is because, only if your site is available for users to access all the time, it will be able to earn more profit. Technical support that is provided by the company is also essential. When selecting a hosting company, you should evaluate many criteria including:

  • Technical support
  • Uptime
  • Do they offer 24/7 server support
  • Performance & bandwidth of their servers and facilities
  • Ability to provide dedicated SSL (Secure Socket Layer Certificates) at a reasonable price
  • Regular backups
  • Industry standard security policies
  • Can you move up from shared to dedicated servers easily as your business grows?

Best Cheap Virto Commerce Hosting Recommendation

Cheap ASP.NET Hosting PlanVirto Commerce is a secure and easy to use online shopping cart platform with many features like catalog and product management, customer, coupon management and powerful back office to manage day to day task. At, they specialize in Virto Commerce Hosting. Their control panel has built in installation wizard for Virto Commerce. They always update and maintain the latest version of Virto Commerce in their control panel wizard. You can have Virto Commerce installed in just 1 click and 1 minute installation. Their suitable web hosting plans for Virto Commerce based sites can be seen on their Windows hosting plan page. You can start your Virto Commerce hosting with them just from $5.00. For more info, let’s check their Best and Cheap Virto Commerce Hosting Offer. Not only that, but also you can get Free Domain with this Promo Code [coupon code=”FREEDOMAIN” /] and Free Double SQL Server Space with this Promo Code [coupon code=”DBSQL” /].

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Why Choose Virto Commerce?

Virto Commerce Development is an open source eCommerce platform based on Microsoft .Net technology with MS SQL database. Virto Commerce is a secure and easy-to-use online shopping cart platform designed and developed for small, medium and large businesses willing to opt for Microsoft based open-source eCommerce solutions. Virto Commerce comes with many features like catalog management, product management, customer and coupon management backed with powerful back office to manage day-to-day routine tasks.

Here are some features of Virto Commerce which are the reasons why you should use Virto Commerce:

On-Demand Scalability

Virto Commerce can auto-scale based on the load or seasonal demand. The number of servers can be increased in a matter of minutes to support marketing campaigns. Scheduling and search services utilize queues to distribute job loads.

Deploy Globally in Minutes!

Servers can be deployed to worldwide data centers so customers can have better access. No more Operating System updates.

Images stored in the Cloud

Images and other assets are stored in the cloud and auto replicated across various geo locations to improve website response times.

Cloud Search

Search is designed to scale together with the cloud, multiple instances (worker roles) communicate with each other and form a cluster for more reliable and quicker search. This can be achieved in the cloud and on-premises without any special configuration.

Latest Technology

Virto Commerce built using Microsoft .Net 4.5 framework, it encompasses latest architecture practices and technologies for .Net platform. Some of them are: Entity Framework 5, MVC4/Razor, WCF, OData, Workflow Foundation, Unity, WPF, ClickOnce, HTML5.