April 23, 2015

Twitter Strategy: Hashtag Usage

On Twitter, it is common practice for people to use the hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase (without spaces) in their tweet to categorize those tweets and help to increase their visibility in Twitter search. No wonder, since studies show tweets using hashtags get twice as much engagement as those without. For example, if you search for #SEO you will get a list of tweets related to SEO that contain the hashtag phrase.

  • Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other tweets tagged with that keyword
  • Hashtags can occur anywhere in the tweet – at the beginning, middle, or end
  • Hashtagged words that become very popular are often trending topics
  • Good practice to research trending hashtags in order to avoid accidental misuse
  • Use hashtags only on tweets relevant to the topic
  • Do not #spam #with #hashtags. Don’t over-tag a single tweet. (Best practices recommend using no more than two hashtags per tweet.)


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