April 23, 2015

Twitter Strategy: Twitter Following Strategy

Following new users on a regular basis will help grow your own fan base. Following quality brands and individuals will ensure you get as much relevant information from Twitter as possible. Your timeline will be more manageable with contributions from targeted accounts, as opposed to randomly following anyone or automatically following people back.

How to identify which accounts to follow:

  • Look at those who follow you. Scroll through bios, select people who seem relevant, and ensure their feeds are live.
  • Consider those who are retweeted frequently. If you are only following quality people, then the folks they are retweeting are probably worth investigating, too.
  • Allude to your writer lists to see who they are quoting and talking about.
  • Visit competitors’ follower lists. Anyone following them is clearly interested in the subject matter, and thus, you’d be of interest to them as well.
  • Clean up older/inactive/automated users at least once a month. Use platforms like Twitter Karma, Just Unfollow, Status People, etc.


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