April 27, 2015

Google+ Strategy: Google + Posting Strategy

Similar to Facebook, the posting strategy should involve sharing a mix of relevant links and engaging content. People love trivia, tips, and tricks about things they are interested in. They like answering questions and having their voices heard.

Conveying a lot of humor surrounding pertinent topics also aids in garnering engagement. Visual content such as photos and videos typically create a lot of interaction.

Due to the large amount of new content posted on the your website, at least four posts per day is a steady amount to ensure all your posts, along with others, are being distributed.

Post types will vary and feature photos, links, and polls, along with various posts lengths: some longer post intros, some shorter ones. To ensure you are not being entirely self-promotional, you will also include regular posts from other sources.

Tagging other pages when opportunistic is also something you can start taking advantage of. Similarly, although Google+ has started attaching hashtags to posts regularly based on the content of the posts, using specific hashtags more frequently have the added benefit of you showing up in search results for those hashtags.


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