April 28, 2015

Facebook Strategy: Facebook Posting Strategy

You should involve sharing a mix of relevant links and engaging content, and then watching insights to see what garners the most response. People love trivia, tips, and tricks about matters in which they are interested. They like answering questions and being heard.

Conveying a lot of humor surrounding pertinent topics also aids in reaping engagement. Visual content such as photos and videos create a lot of interaction, especially when educational, comic, enjoyable, or inspiring.

Sharing your interview videos will help provide consistent visual content and emphasize your immersion in the search space. You will also feature upcoming events and your company happenings, and encourage excitement around said initiatives.

Due to the large amount of new content posted regularly on the your website, six to eight Facebook posts per day is a steady amount that will ensure all our posts, along with others, are being distributed.

Facebook post types will vary; for example, posts will feature photos, links, or polls. To ensure you are not being entirely self-promotional.


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