April 28, 2015

Facebook Strategy: Facebook Best Posting Practices

  • Alternate update lengths. Enlist a variety of varied post lengths to keep people educated, engaged, and interested.
  • Use hashtags intelligently. (Many use hashtags frivolously and without intent.)
  • Make sure any hashtags used contain valuable, pertinent content, and use no more than two hashtags per post.
  • Ideal image dimensions: 403 x 403 pixels
  • What to do when sharing links:
  • Vary the usage of images with link updates to avoid monotony
  • Incorporate an equal mix of update types while watching insights to learn what the audience is responding to most
  • Ensure each post has the AIDA factor- Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.
  • Make sure when you are engaging you are signed in as your PAGE and not as an individual
  • How to post on Facebook pages (via Facebook Help)
  • How to schedule posts to appear later (via Facebook Help)


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